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Ever experienced a situation where you were watching a video on YouTube or reading a blog, someone kept texting you and you had no choice but to reply. Remember feeling frustrated to keep switching apps and going back and forth that it felt like a hassle. We certainly do.And that's why we have come up with our solution to the problem, Key+. It allows you to browse content inside a keyboard service! All you have to do is copy the URL of the content you want to browse and click the BRS button on our keyboard and voila, you have a browser running inside your keyboard (Inside any app). Multitask away to glory!Ever had to pull out your card to enter the card details every time you made a transaction on your phone across any of the millions of transactional Apps? Ever had to painstakingly enter your personal details like address, email id etc. in every damn form that you had to fill? Ever had difficulty remembering all the passwords that you configure in every application that you registered? If you ever had to do any of the above things, Key+ is the solution for you. With Key+ you can configure your very own Vaults and Key-Value pairs along with configuring additional Security for these vaults. You can do a one time set up of whatever details you want, however you want. This information is stored locally on your device and completely encrypted. With just a couple of clicks, you can directly enter the details in any field of any app in your device through our Keyboard. Just tap the SEC button on Key+ and it prompts you for the PIN that was set for the app. Once you enter the PIN, it goes into Secure mode. In the Secure mode there is a '+' from which you can access the Vaults and Details inside the Vaults (Additional security can be set at Vault level). Refer Screenshots.
Known Issues : 1. The card image is currently static in the keyboard.